Improve operations with Exment,
which can manage all data for free

composer require exceedone/exment
composer require exceedone/exment

Non Programming

Programming isn't required to use Exment.
Just install and you can start using it.
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Fully Support

Supports business improvement such as departure from Excel and Google spreadsheets, automatic document creation, operation cost reduction, plus function addition.

Open Souce

Exment is an open source web system.
Anyone can install for free without any function restrictions.

Multiple data can be managed on one website

All registered data can be managed in conjunction.
When using the search function, related data is displayed in a list, which is very convenient.

Enhanced basic functions

Basic functions are very substantial and simple, so it is easy to understand.
You can start a business easily by using a template.
Templates will be added at any time in the future.

Free and Unlimited usen

If you install Exment on your own server, you can use it completely free of charge.
It's free, but there is no limit on the number of users and there are no functional limits.

Try the Exment function. Let's install!

composer require exceedone/exment
composer require exceedone/exment

Demo site is available to suit your business.
Please check the demo site.